Siobhan O'Driscoll, 18 and from Liverpool - UK ☺


My grandpa has Alzheimer’s so he has no idea who my grandma is but everyday for the last three or four months he brings her in flowers from their garden and asks her to run away with him and be his wife and everyday she says she already is and everyday the smile my grandpa gets on his face is the most beautiful heartfelt thing I have ever seen.

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They should put prizes in tampon boxes, be like yeah your period sucks but here’s 50% off of some icecream.

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Rihanna for Jalouse magazine



Manhattan at dusk - Penthouse looking down The Plaza


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We all go through things. Things we feel we don’t deserve and things we wish we never had to go through. The thing is, we only ‘go through it’, we never actually stay there.

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House of Hippies

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